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Patrick Lencioni says the foundation of a healthy organization is building "cohesive" leadership teams. His model for this kind of team includes 5 characteristics. I add 3 more that I consider to be even more foundational below his 5, bringing the total to 8 characteristics of a healthy team. 

We can do an evaluation of your team in all 8 to determine where to focus for the most growth. However, key to team growth is awareness of the individual teammates about their interaction with others which in turn begins with their awareness of their own natural strengths and struggles coming both from their natural God-designed wiring and also their life stories. 

We will work with powerful profile instruments to unpack the natural part and our relational approach to every interaction we have will open up some of the story part. And Leadership 360 tools can also unveil how others are being impacted by our leadership and team interactions. 

Our Team Workshop will cast a strong vision for what a healthy, cohesive team looks like, X-ray your team members in a safe but revealing way, and create a safe environment to open everyone up to create individual and team growth and change initiatives. 

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