Each of us is created by God with unique strengths that we bring to our roles every day. We also bring areas of “non-strengths”, as well as “struggles”, which are often our strengths overdone.

And as a result of our individual uniquenesses, our organizations — our teams — actually have strengths and struggles, as well.

Transform utilizes multiple powerful behavioral profiles as effective tools to help individuals and teams understand themselves better. These tools are taken very conveniently on-line and require 25 minutes to complete.

We can also utilize a powerful Leadership 360 for a more complete 360 degree assessment, often alongside a “living 360,” where we facilitate face-to-face feedback and discussions.

We can engage with individuals and give individual feedback and/or provide a ½ day to full day highly interactive Team Building Workshop. And we bring in many other great leadership and team resources such as the best healthy team models, emotional intelligence discussions, etc.

Theses tools can then serve as tremendous aids to Leadership Coaching.