Church Member and Leader Surveys – Valuable Resources


How is Your Church Doing?


Churchwide Survey


Designed for your entire congregation to complete on-line (with paper options for those who need it). It covers the following areas:

• Demographics of members

• Spiritual practices and maturity of members

• Use of gifts and passions and equipping for ministry

• Effectiveness of church vision – communication and understanding

• Effectiveness in loving and connecting people

• Assessment of church ministries

• Effectiveness of leadership

• Mandates for change

Church Leader Survey


Designed for all in leadership roles in the church, staff, officers, and laity. On-line, and covers the following areas:

• Moving toward a vision and mission

• Leadership development

• Leader growth and care

• Spiritual maturity of leaders

• Development of mature believers

• Effectiveness of your church governance system

• Effectiveness of your teams – staff, officer, and ministry teams

• Leaders’ assessment of effectiveness of your individual ministries


Surveys are a great tool to help you assess where your church is.


Then you can quantify the “gap” between your current reality and your purpose/vision/mission and craft a strategy for moving forward toward your target.

Transform can assist you with two specific surveys or even help you develop a special one to meet your needs.

Custom Surveys

We can tailor these two surveys to your specific church situation, ministries, governance, and terminology. We can also develop a special type of survey to help you gather information on any area.

Evaluation and Recommendations?

Of course, gathering information is only the beginning of the process of transformation. We will help you assess the meaning of the survey results and then move your church forward. This can include launching a Strategic Planning process.

See Strategic Planning.