Transforming Ministry and Strategic Planning


Transform can work with you to help you develop the Strategic plans that can transform your organization. Even more importantly, we can help you implement those plans.

Strategic Planning is determining how you can intentionally move toward becoming the organization that you want to and are called to be. We follow a 10 step process that begins with a thorough evaluation (that we do together) of where you are today and where you want to or are called be in the future.

Execution is about the implementation that must happen if the plans are to be more than a nice document in your files. And that requires more than just accountability and even more than change management. You must orchestrate the transitions with the people who are impacted and who need to adjust to make or allow the changes.

Transform can also help you determine the organizational changes needed to execute on the Strategic Plan.

And our unique approach to Leadership Coaching can become a part of your implementation plan, helping you stay on track and on target.


Strategic Planning Made Simple, by John Purcell:

This is a good picture of what a STRATEGY is. Most simply put, it’s the PATH that you are following. OR you could say it is what you do. Whether is is an INTENTIONAL plan or an UNINTENTIONAL set of activities, your church does have a strategy, because you are doing many things that are taking you somewhere.

However, like this picture, you may not be able to SEE where your strategy is taking you. But the path may look attractive and pain-free. And it is definitely negotiable.

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  • “John helped us accomplish in 4 days what it would have taken my corporation 6 months to accomplish.”–From a church elder and retired Fortune 100 executive

  • “We are a much different church today than it was a year ago, we are so much healthier, and people are optimistic about the future.”–From another church elder