Transforming Organizations


How would you like to have a coach come alongside your organization to help in many or even all of these areas? An ORGANIZATIONAL COACH can work with your leaders for a year to assess, ask questions, coach key leaders, help you develop or sharpen your Business or Ministry Plan, create a Strategic Plan, develop goals, and, what is usually missing, walk with you as you implement and execute on your plan and goals.


A Coach won’t just TELL you what to do. He’ll be your partner to help you determine God’s will as it is unveiled through your own leadership, helping you to uncover, delineate, plan, communicate with your leaders and others, and follow-through to become the business, non-profit, or church that you can and should be.


Pathway to Church Effectiveness

John Purcell offers insight to Church Effectiveness: Creating organizational clarity, building a cohesive leadership team, growing your people, and developing a real Biblical community in this 10 minute video.

From Coaching the Discipling Leader, by John Purcell:

For a while now I have been using the term “Discipling Leader,” and I firmly believe it describes an idea that could change the church world. The simplest statement of the concept is this: Christian leaders in any ministry role inside or outside the church should have as ONE of their goals to strive to intentionally help others grow as Disciples of Christ.

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