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The Problems

The Solutions

The Church
There is a fast growing list of books about how the Church is failing. Mostly, they are saying the same thing — churches are not relevant to truly transforming people’s lives and churches are not relevant to impacting their communities. Some are even saying that churches are a hindrance to a Christian living out his or her faith in a God-honoring way.

For and Not-for-Profit Businesses
The vacuum in prepared and principled leadership of our for-profit and non-profit organizations is documented by headlines as well as headhunters. Business leadership can be a lonely place to be. Short-term thinking and self-serving need to be replaced by something else. But what?

The Church
The Church must create organizational clarity, with a Ministry Plan about making disciples and impacting its community. It must be clear about the organization and everyone’s role in accomplishing that plan, from the Board to the Pastor and Staff to the Volunteer Ministry Teams. It must build cohesive teams. It must grow its people through shepherding, discipleship, and leadership development. And it must build real Biblical community as it does all of this.

For and Not-for-Profit Businesses
The solution is also about leadership. Leaders who are prepared, principled, in the right roles, and on a continuous growth path professionally, personally, and spiritually. It’s about building healthy leadership teams as well as organizational clarity, starting with the Board and running through a clear Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values. And finally there is alignment of an effective execution plan that energizes every employee in their role in this plan.


Pathway to Church Effectiveness

John Purcell offers insight into how he helps you create organizational clarity, build cohesive leadership teams, grow your people, and build real Biblical community in this 5 and a half minute video.

“I always get a kick out of reading your posts. You belong in a very small group of people in the country who provide cogent thought leadership on church structure. Wonderful stuff!”–Craig Janssen, Managing Director, Acoustic Dimensions

“We don’t have anything else in our church that impacts people like this.”–From a New England Discipleship Team Leader and Deacon

“John was able to get out of us what my (Fortune 50) company would have taken 6 months to accomplish.”–From an Elder and retired corporate executive after completing a 2 weekend strategic planning process